A Word from Head Coach Johnson

Hello everyone,

This is your former coach/teacher, Mr. Johnson. I hope this little note finds you and your family in the best of health and looking forward to the upcoming festive season.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of rubbing shoulders with a few of your former school and/or team mates – Evon, Tamara, Adrian, Craig, Clayton and Lance. They were volunteering at a track meet my club was hosting. I never imagined it had been so long since I had seen a few of these guys – twenty years. I felt like a proud ‘papa’.

Guys, “J” has not changed! Although I have retired from teaching (almost eight years), I am still mentoring and coaching. I have been the Head Coach of a good track club, Project Athletics Track Program for the past nine years. I am still doing what I started years ago – working with track athletes to maximize their potential in academics and training with the goal being scholarships for post-secondary education. This upcoming season we have four seniors who are on target to achieve this goal. One of our athletes, a seventeen year old, is ranked fourth in the world in the 400m for her age group. She ran 52.44 in Columbia this past summer.

Hence the reason for this appeal. The Club needs money. We have been holding our own for years but now operating the Club is becoming a financial challenge. The last thing I want is to see Project Athletics fold. There is still work to be done!

The Club has started a GoFundMe fundraising initiative (see link below). Please log in and give. We need your support.


Yours sincerely,

Coach Johnson



Project Athletics mourns the passing of Daundre Barnaby

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To Our Senior Athletes Past and Present:

We are so so sorry!! and we know this completely sucks beyond belief. There is no words that can make it better. There is no words that could make it change.

We wish you all strength through this difficult time!! Although his life was short; just remember all the good and know he was blessed to have the gift to do what he loved and he was surrounded by love and great friend and family like you guys

Be Blessed

PATFP team

Don’t cry for me today,

‘Don’t cry for me today,
I wouldn’t want it this way.
Be strong and smile,
for you will see me in a while.
I know you miss me,
but now in Heaven I will be.
Do not keep your sad face,
I am in a much better place.
Do not let your tears fall,
for I cannot wipe them all.
Yes, my life wasn’t long.
But I’m begging you to be strong.
Live every moment as if it were your last,
I won’t forget any memories that have passed.
Cherish life and love as I watch you from above.
As I remember all of the good things,
I come to see I have gotten my wings.
It is time to go and fly,
as your guardian angel I will try.
Don’t cry for me today,
I’m on my way.
Soaring through the sky,
I watch all of you telling me goodbye.’

Rest In Peace Daundre Barnaby


2015 Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Championship Results

This past weekend the midget and youth competed at RCL Ontario Championships.  “Overall the athletes did well especially with Kyra as she was coming off bronchitis and sinus infection. “- says Coach Johnson

Event Name Time Place
300 m Midget Senior, Eden 41.55 2nd
800 m Midget Senior, Eden 2:29.61 2nd
200 m Youth Constantine, Kyra 25.95 1st
  Burnett, Chante 26.58 5th
400 m Youth Constantine, Kyra 56.84 1st
  Burnett, Chante 1:00.16 5th
  Spence, Amanda 1:02.54 13th
800 m Youth Spence, Amanda 2:35.68 7th
60 m Youth Montaque, Dajae 7.26 4th
  Farquharson, Roshane 7.66 12th
  Fairbairn, Spencer 7.81 18th
200 m Youth Farquharson, Roshane 24.29 7th
  Fairbairn, Spencer 25.31 15th
400 m Youth Fairbairn, Spencer 56.47 8th
Long Jump Youth Montaque, Dajae 6.24m 1st

First Meet Results

January 18 – Flying Angel Meeting

Every race (jump/throw) is an opportunity to measure yourself against your own potential #TrackNation.  As this is the first one overall, the athletes are looking good.  “A few athletes have a few things to work out  and tweak before the next meeting.  While others came close to their PB and PR.  I will be looking forward to (see the progression in) rest of the season. ” – Coach Johnson

All events are OPEN.

200 m Chante Burnett 26.49s 5th
300 m Janelle Readhead 39.40s   1st
Kyra Constantine 40.47s   2nd
Eden Senior 41.22s   3rd
Chante Burnett 41.87s   4th
Amanda Spence 43.64s   6th
600m Kyra Constantine 1:39.99s 1st
Eden Senior 1:40.57s 2nd
Amanda Spence 1:44.00s 4th
Long Jump Patricia Sylvester 5.93m   1st
60 m Patrick Stoeckle 7.34s   17th
Roshane Farquharson 7.57s   27th
Spencer Fairbairn 7.73s   31th
200 m Patrick Stoeckle 24.00s 7th
Roshane Farquharson 24.76s 18th
Spencer Fairbairn 24.89s 19th
Alec Ponce 25.80s 25th
300 m Spencer Fairbairn 39.41s   9th
Alec Ponce 40.48s   10th
Shmuel Balay FS
600 m Shmuel Balay 1:26.54s 5th
Triple Jump Patrick Stoeckle 13.72m   3rd

Athletics Ontario 2014 Athlete of the Year Awards

On Saturday September 27 Athletics Ontario hosted a gala celebration to honour a tremendous year for Ontario athletes at  “Celebrating Excellence in Athletics” Awards Banquet & Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. 

Project Athletics had five nominations.  Three athletes won awards!!

We had Arielle Tessier nominated for the Migdet Girls Sprints/Hurdles award and Micah Peters nominated for the Youth Boys Jumps award.  Both of these athletes were top three finalists in their award division.

Our winners were Kyra Constantine in the Youth Girls Sprints/Hurdles award, Tia Thevenin in the Junior Women Sprints/Hurdles award and Tristan Slater in the Youth Boys Jumps award.

Congratulations to all our nominees and winners for Athletics Ontario 2014 Athlete of the Year Awards.





First Day of Practice is today at 430!!!

projectathletics_logo_fancyCentral Group Training Location!!


Look for Coach Johnson at :

Earl Bales park is located at Sheppard and Bathurst.  2 lights south.   When you enter the park bear right and go to the end parking lot by the ski hill.

Earle Bales Park
Raoul Wallenberg Rd
Toronto ON


Twitter:                                                                                                        @projectathletics





Congrats on all our athletes on their National team accomplishments!!!!!


Commonwealth Games

400m                     Daundre Barnaby                46.28 s    6s2                                       Philip Osei                                47.16 s    6s1

100m                    Khamica Bingham                11.37 s   7th                                                                    Shai-Anne Davis                    11.52 s   4s3                                                                    Crystal Emmanuel                11.43 s   3s1

100m                   Dontae Richards-Kwok      10.42 s  8s3

100m H             Phylicia George                        13.66 s  5h2

200m                  Shai-Anne Davis                       23.48 s  3s3                                                                  Crystal Emmanuel                   23.46 s  4s2

Pole Vault         Shaunacy Barber                      5.45 m    3rd

4x100m            Khamica Bingham                   43.33 s     4th                                                                Crystal Emmanuel                                                                                                                Phylicia George

World Junior Championships

100m H            Tia Thevenin                             13.68 s     7s2

World Youth Olympics

400m                  Kyra Constantine                     53.70 s   5th

Pole Vault        Tristan Slater                               4.85 m    4th



Project Athletics Finishes 3rd!!!





Project Athletics Track and Field Program finished 3rd overall in Province of Ontario as a Track and Field Club!!!!

This is the highest outdoor placing in the history of the club!!!

Congratulations to our athletes and coaches on a job well done!!!!

Project Athletics Athletes on National Teams



Congratulations to our athletes on being named to Canadian National Teams.

All these athletes had to have the event standard,  to go to a competition trial, and place in the top 2 or 3 position at the meet in order to be selected to represent Canada.

Let’s Cheer them on!!!

Youth Olympics Games in Nanjing, China August 20 to 27.

Kyra Constantine                        400 m

Tristan Slater                                  Pole Vault

World Junior Championships in Eugene, Oregon July 21 to 27.

Tia Thevenin                                   100m Hurdles

Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland July 27 to August 2.

Shawnacy Barber                         Pole Vault

Daundre Barnaby                        400 m Relay

Philip Osei                                         400m  Relay

Dontae Richards-Kwok            100m  Relay

Khamica Bingham                         100 m

Shai-Anne Davis                             200m

Crystal Emmanuel                        200 m

Phylicia George                             100m Relay



Blue Ribbon Athlete